Standard Account
A Standard Account is FREE and enables you to capture Pro Player clips and up to 10 clips of your own shots. You'll also be able to access nearly all areas of the website and view all Pro Player shot clips. You'll be able to network with your firends, your coaching professional and you'll have access to the Pro Studio**. You'll also be able to view coach blogs, webinars and view coaching and training videos that are uploaded by the professionals **Usage charges for the Pro Studio may apply.
Premier Account
$49 one time and then $49 yearly.
A Premier Account gives you all of the features of a Standard Account but in addition enables you to upload as many Shot Clips as you wish to your Shot Page (limited to just 10 shots on a Standard Account). You'll also have the opportunity to create your own Business Page, have access to the Forum and get discounts on virtual coaching lessons in the Pro Studio.